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All the Cherry on the cake cakes below are featuring handmade figures.

Message from Heidi:  "Please bear with me while I update this page.  Many thanks"

Star Wars themed cake.
                   May the 40th be with you.
This is an 8" Star wars cake,, this one was made with a Chocolate sponge;. All edible apart  from the Light sabers which are candles for the extra wow once lit.

Hi Heidi Barry absolutely loved his birthday cake!!! He declared it the "best cake ever" Thank you again so much! The picture he put of it on his Facebook page have so far been liked by over 50 people and some very positive comments too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Lucy

A few too many...

This two tier wedding cake featuring the Bride and Grooms favourite tipples.
This wedding cake was delivered to the beautiful hotel and setting of The  Potters Heron.

    Hi Heidi,
Thanks for making the cakes, they were fab!
Many thanks Pete
Celebrating the 21st birthday of Aidan with his favourite football team and  Peppa Pig!!
  "Jumping Fish"


Surprise !!
Chocolate footballs spill out of the cake when its cut.
Pooh Bears Snow Globe Tiered cake

Splish Splash

  "Girlie Football"

 I received a quick text after the cake had been received saying:
" OMG Speechless Thank you!!!! "

Then after the party received this email :

 Dear Heidi
Thank you for the magnificent cake!  It was a total and utter hit!  Very very grateful for your brilliant efforts!!  The cupcakes were amazing too!1 Really tasty all round!!

Thank you once again !