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Received this lovely email ~ Thanks lee.
Dear Heidi, 
I am just emailing to say thank you for the delivery you made today, 07/06/12. Firstly I should apologise for the look of shock on my face. My friend Victoria told me to expect something but I was a bit taken-a-back by her gesture and the quality of what I saw before me. I've eaten a couple already, not manly of me to admit but not only did they look beautiful but tasted beautiful to. So thank you for offering such a fantastic and personalised service. I've ordered from Interflora before and they're a massive company. Well I can only compare the end products quality wise, obviously not taste since I didn't eat the flowers - he-he, to the service which they offer. Presentation was immaculate. So thank you to you, and I assume your daughter for delivering them. It's fantastic to see such pride taken.
Keep up the good work and you can expect an order from us soon for my Nephews Birthday. 
Thanks again.
Yours sincerely
Lee Willison
Hi Heidi,
Just to let you know the cakes were a big success! 
Thank you so much - they looked lovely and tasted delicious!  We'll be back for more I'm sure!
Thank you so much,
Carol Ennever

  Heidi Says.....  Thank You For your lovely Comments!!
Much Appreciated.  Here's some photos of your cupcakes,
I hope you all had a wonderful time Celebrating your  Mum's 80th Birthday.
Received this lovely email from Sharon Bracken
Dear Heidi Thank you so much for the beautiful cupcakes.
They were beautiful to look at - so much detail and really delicious!
 I would highly recommend you to anyone that wants that "something special" for an event. Well done and thank you so much again Sharonxxxx
Heidi Says.....  Wishing Sharon a Very Happy Birthday, Thank You For your lovely Comments!!
Much Appreciated.  Here's some photos of your cupcakes, Of which the Ladies Shoes and the Little Cupcakes were launched today with you being the first to have them. 
Delighted you enjoyed them.
  Heidi Says......Wishing Sharon a very happy Birthday, Thank You For Your lovely Comments!!  Much Appreciated.  Here's some photos of your cupcakes, of which the Ladies Shoes and the Little Cupcakes were launched today with you being the first to have them......Delighted you enjoyed them.
Received this lovely email from Mandy Wardell
"Thanks Mandy!!"
Hello Heidi
I just wanted to say that the cupcakes were a big hit with everyone last night, especially Aimee!  I think she
Thought she was getting a normal cake, so she was completely surprised and said that they were the best
Birthday cake/s she’s ever had.
 Aimee nearly didn’t let us eat the cupcakes because they looked so lovely! And my
other daughter, Lotty, has already said she wants the same for her 16 – which is next year!!
They tasted just as good as they looked – thank you so much!
It was nice meeting you yesterday – I really hope your cupcake business grows and grows….you deserve it!
I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends.
Take care
Heidi says.............  Wishing Aimee a Very Happy 21st Birthday !!
Delighted you had a lovely Evening and Enjoyed your cupcakes.
Few Photos of them here for you.
Received this lovely email from Jennifer Dangerfield.
I Love Ellie's Idea !!
Hi Heidi!
Thank you so much for your very kind email.  The cupcakes were wonderful
and a terrific success.  Everyone commented on their beauty and
how delicious they were.  Ellie has even kept the boxes in which they
 arrived to use as memory boxes for her birthday cards, etc!
I look forward to placing more orders with you in the future.
With best wishes,
These lovely compliments were taken from the blog of
Lipglossiping from Charlotte.
To read in full please go to
Posted on 18th January 2011
Picture the scene… you’ve spent the last fortnight trying to come up with a blisteringly cool gift idea for your husband’s birthday.  You want something that says
I think you’re the greatest person walking the planet”. Not easy is it?
Things get harder when you have a husband who doesn’t really put any value on material possessions.  When he moved down from the North East 10 years ago, we were able to fit everything he owned in the boot of my hatchback. I toyed with the idea of programming books (but didn’t know which ones would flop), a short break (but we’re already going away this month), novelty gadgetry (dust gatherers)..............
When suddenly on my twitter stream, I’m reminded of this lady. (thats Me!!)

I fire up the Tweetdeck DM panel…
“How quickly can you dispatch a box of 12 cupcakes to my husband?”
(we live in the same area)
“Is tomorrow morning too late?” (it’s gone midday by this point)
“A bit… I was hoping to get them today”
(i’m never usually that cheeky – shows how desperate I was!)
“Let me see what I can do”
£18 and less than three and a half hours later(!), these were delivered directly to Mr L:
Read more:
When the doorbell rang (after a quick “I’m on my way” tweet warning from Heidi!),
I hid in the kitchen listening to Mr. L tut at having to answer the door. 
His frown didn’t last long when he saw the beautifully presented box of goodness being held out for him! “Happy Birthday!”
Heidi cheerfully announced whilst I stifled my giggles in the next room.
But most importantly… how did they go down?

Read more:

Thanks Charlotte glad you all enjoyed them!!
 A Lovely Email from One of my Lovely Brides.
 Hello Heidi Johanne Meads
 Every bride and groom want their special day to have wonderful memories. Ours was extra special as it included our childrens christening, with a reception in our back garden, all set to a country theme. We asked Heidi to match our cup cakes to this theme. We had a mixture of toppings, from hearts, butterflies to groups of roses. We wanted the colours to look very natural, so requested fading from light to dark, especially on the roses. Heidi excelled herself. She made every effort to understand our requirements in detail, and presented us with several samples, which we had the pleasure of eating. The end result was amazing. Our cup cake tower looked fabulous. We cannot thank Heidi enough for all her hard work, and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.
Best wishes
A Lovely Email Received from Carrie and Richard "Mr & Mrs Hartwell"
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are totally amazing, we are VERY lucky you made our wedding cakes.  Shame we never got to see you on the day.  Thank you for our yummy and delish cakes!!! 
Have a look at the professional photos of the work you done for our day. 
Take care and best wishes
Mr & Mrs Hartwell xx
Roberta From Linen at Home & Giant Potential enjoyed her cupcakes.
Barry from Waterlooville says:
Dear Heidi
Just a quick thank you for the cakes I received on Friday that were purchased for me as a surprise.
I have to say that they were received in perfect condition, although not great for the waistline I have to say that they were very light, fluffy and extremely tasty. I am ashamed to say that I ate all 6 by myself….. lol
Barry A Doswell
Val Talbot ~ Boyatt Wood
Heidi's Cupcakes are gorgeous and the service from
 Cherry On The Cake is second to none.
  When i took the into work everybody thought they were the best they had ever tasted.
Val Talbot.
Karen said:
Hello Heidi
Just to say the cakes looked wonderful, tasted delicious and were very much appreciated. Many thanks!
Laura Hales Says :
Morning Heidi
Hope you had a nice weekend. I just wanted to say thank you again for the cakes, Barry says they're delicious. I'll certainly be recommending you to friends. Its a shame you don't deliver to the island, my staff said they would love to get some.
Thank you again
Laura :)
Celia & Mel Parker said.........
 I would just like to say how much we all appreciated the lovely food you did for Mel's 65th Birthday on Sunday. It was certainly lovely to come back from our meal and find it all delivered ready to be put out on display.
All our guests said they enjoyed it very much and kept thanking me which made me feel rather guilty as I hadn't prepared it but in saying that, I would certainly use your services again for a special occasion when you have limited time to prepare things yourself.
I will certainly recommend you to our friends and family for any future events.
Many thanks, Kind Regards
 Celia & Mel Parker.
Helen Childs Says.......
"Thanks, Cherry on the cake, for producing the most wonderful spread for my sons birthday party. The themed homemade biscuits and cakes in particular were a great hit with my 6 years olds (and their mummies). The generous portions made this a real value for money decision. We'll definately use you again.  Thanks again Heidi I will be recommending you to my family and friends "
Helen Childs
Barry left a Guest Book Comment Saying:
Dear Heidi I am just writing to say thank you so much for the delivery I received for some cup cakes a friend arranged for me as a Valentine's gift. The attention to the design was faultless; the texture of the cup cakes were absolutely fab. I had intended to shares them, but unfortunately one led to another and before I knew it I only had one left - I decided it would be better to save that one to have with a cuppa later.. Lol. My friend said that the "order process" was easy and she said nothing was too much trouble, so again, thank you Heidi. I genuinely would not hesitate in placing further orders with you - you're a star.
Many Thanks
Anna McCormac Says........
The quality and presentation of the food was excellent ~ I 'd have no hesitation in recommending Cherry On The Cake to others.  Great, Efficient, personel Service. 
Thank You
Anna McCormac
Joan Rees Says.......
I  have to say that you bake the most fantastic cakes - that white cup cake was absolutely delicious! 
 I think - the best cup cake I have ever eaten!!  
What was that topping???!!!
Joan Rees
Julie Godfrey says.....
Absolutely Gorgeous Cupcakes, brilliant presentation.
My other half asked if you do cake making lessons.
Julie Godfrey.
Mr & Mrs Crook say.........
Cherry On The Cake provided excellent food for an 80th Birthday Party and everything was excellent.  Thank You
Mr & Mrs H Crook
Launched 29th March 2010
Sarah Alden ~ Launch Party
Heidi, what can I say......amazing, super, gorgeous, delicious, out of this world.....
I could go on but all I really need to say is your cupcakes are the best,
Cherry On The Cake is such a wonderful business and product.
Well Done, You should be very proud of yourself.
Love Sarah xx
Tina Dolbear - Launch Party
Wonderful Cupcakes & beautiful collection of gifts.
Tina Dolbear.
Louise Gibbs ~ Launch Party
Heidi, such a pleasure to meet you finally.  Your new range is fantastic. 
 I love the red spotty bags.
Thank You Louise Gibbs.
Kathie McGinn ~ Launch Party
Well done Heidi, and good luck and every success with Cherry On The Cake. 
The Cupcakes are Yummy.
Love Kathie Mcginn
Viv Hammond ~ Launch Party
What a super selection of gifts - Love the cupcakes.
Good Luck   Viv Hammond.
Jacqueline McGinn ~ Launch Party
Best of Luck with the business. The cakes are yummy. 
 Looking forward to hearing more about the next business venture too! 
 I'll be sure to check out the website.
Love Jacqueline McGinn.
Val Talbot ~ Launch Party.
Heidi's Cupcakes are gorgeous and the service from
 Cherry On The Cake is second to none.
  When i took the into work everybody thought they were the best they had ever tasted.
Val Talbot.
Samantha ~ Launch Party
After coming to the product launch party, I was very impressed with the presentation - very professional.  Felt like being in a kiddies sweetshop, spoilt for choice with so many lovely things.  The Cupcakes were as delicious as they looked, made with expertise and fine detail.  I was so impressed.  (Had i known Heidi years ago, I would loved to have had her to do a tier of cakes for our wedding)  I will most definately be using "Cherry on the Cake" for future parties/functions/celebrations. Outstanding !! 
Comment from The Launch Party.
Well done Heidi this evening and your New Venture are fab and
I wish you all the best for the future! Love the Cakes and the polka dot bags.
Best Success Cherry On The Cake xxxx
Comment from The Launch Party.
I have loved Heidi's cupcakes from the first taste and now the selection
of "Cherry On The Cake" gifts have made her business even more exciting.
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