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Make that Birthday, Anniversary, Special Occasion Extra Special
With a Gift from our Beautiful selection.
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The Cherry On The Cake  
Gift Collection
  Our Beautiful Cupcake Collection.
Boxed Tea Set £12.00
Boxed Mug £ 6.50  SOLD OUT
Umbrella £ 6.80 SOLD OUT
Note Pad Small  £ 1.80 SOLD OUT
Note Pad Mini £ 1.25 SOLD OUT
I love this range, thought it was
very apt for
Cherry On The Cake.
 Cupcake Mug
£ 6.50  SOLD OUT
This pretty cupcake mug comes in a
delightful box with a
 twisted rope handle. 
I love the little cupcake inside the cup

 Cupcake Basket
£ 4.60
Perfect for Croissants,
Cupcakes, Bread rolls.
Cupcake Design, Cake Cakes 
£ 1.25 per pack
Cupcake Money Boxes
£  3.25 each SOLD OUT
 Cute Cupcake Money Boxes
Great Gift for any Cupcake Lover
Cupcake Tea Set
This lovely set consists of Cup,
saucer and plate. 
 Perfect for enjoying your
Cherry On The Cake cupcakes!!
Again this too comes in a delightful
box, making it a perfect gift.
 Recipe Holder
This lovely Retro Spot Recipe
 Card Holder is great
 for storing your magazine
clippings or family recipes. 
Keeping them in order and all in
one place. 
Cupcake Umbrella
 Cupcake Umbrella
£ 6.80  SOLD OUT
Don't get caught in the Rain with
this beautiful cupcake print umbrella.
Cupcake Notebooks.
Small  £ 1.80 SOLD OUT
Mini  £ 1.25
Lovely cupcake notepads perfect
for your handbag or kitchen table
shopping lists.
Hanging Heart T Light
£ 6.50 SOLD OUT
I choose this item for my collection
because it just adds something
to any occasion,
 creates an atmosphere
and makes a lovely gift.
Children's Gifts & Easter Gifts
 Bunny on a stick  50p
Decorative Bunny  £ 1.50
Decorative Egg  50p
 Wooden Tree  £ 2.50 SOLD OUT
Large  Tree  £ 3.80 SOLD OUT
Egg Cup  £ 2.50 SOLD OUT
Wooden Bunny  £ 2.50
Such beautiful colours perfect
for any child's bedroom.
  Party Collection
Cake cases  £ 1.50
Tall spotty candles £ 2.65
Girlie Candles £ 2.65
Heart Cutters £ 2.95
Butterfly Cutters £ 2.95
Measuring Spoons Large £ 3.65
Measuring spoons small £2.00
Lovely products to make those
special days that little
bit extra special..
Wooden Jigsaw Trees
Little  £ 2.50
Large £ 3.80
Lovely gifts for a Babies Nursery.
Wicker Heart
Small  £ 3.65 SOLD OUT.
This Wicker Heart makes a perfect
feature hanging on a wall.
Strawberry Trinket Box
Strawberry Trinket Box
£ 3.50
Perfect gift for cupcake lovers.
Wickers Hearts.
Small £ 3.65 SOLD 0UT
Large  £ 6.50 SOLD OUT
Makes a lovely feature hanging on
or against a wall.
Tea Lights

Zinc Heart Lattice Tea Light  £ 2.50
Zinc Heart hanging Tea Light  £ 2.00
White Porcelain T-Light Boxed £4.00
White Doily Hanging Tea Light £ 2.50
Perfect for those summer evenings
in the garden or those winter
nights cuddling up.
 Tea Lights
£ 2.50 Each
These colourful Tea Lights in
either Christmas Trees
or Stars make
a great addition to creating a
cosy atmosphere
this christmas.
Retro Spot Collection
Retro Spot Collection
 5 Glass Bowls with lids.
£ 7.00
I was delighted to hear that these
 bowls can be used in the microwave,
 freezer, and dishwasher. 
 I love using them for storage
 in the fridge.
  Retro Spot
Retro Spot Party bags £ £ 3.50
Retro Spot Cake cases £ 1.50
Perfect for your party.
Retro Spot Collection
Shopping Bag
£ 3.00
Love this product, one of
my Best Sellers.
Perfect for shopping.
This fantastic shopping bag is not
 only fun  and re-usable  but
eco-friendly as its made
from recycled plastic bottles.
(except for the handle)
Star Chalk Board and Chalk
£ 2.50
Great for counting down to christmas or for leaving santa a message. 
Jingle Bells for hanging
 £ 3.80

 Retro Spot Collection
Charlotte Bag
£ 2.00
Love this product too another
Best Seller at a fantastic price.
This fantastic shopping bag is not
 only fun  and re-usable  but
eco-friendly as its made
from recycled plastic bottles.
(except for the handle)
Wooden Gifts
Jigsaw Rabbit and Birdhouse £ 3.80
Jigsaw Tree with Birdhouse £ 3.50
Jigsaw tree with Watering Can £ 2.50
Wooden Rabbit £ 2.50
Beautiful Gifts for Children or for a
New Born to add that special
 touch to their Nursery.
Strawberry Shopping Bag
£ 3.00  SOLD OUT
This fantastic shopping bag is not
 only fun  and re-usable  but
eco-friendly as its made
from recycled plastic bottles.
(except for the handle)
Skull Party Bags
8 x Skull Party Bags & Stickers
£ 3.50
Matching Cake Cases x 72 a pack
£ 1.50
 Little Cupcake Bags
Party Bags or Gift Bags
50p Each
These are so cute !
Cake cases For Boys
Dinosaurs  £ 1.50
Spaceboy  £ 1.50
Make Your Own
Felt Cupcake
£ 3.00 SOLD OUT
No washing up when you make
 these pretty little felt cupcakes !!
Toast Stamp
£2.80 each
Dinosaur Toast Stamp SOLD OUT
Fairy Flower Toast Stamp SOLD OUT
Happy Birthday Toast Stamp
Brighten Up Those Mornings.
Lunch Boxes
£ 5.85 each
These lovely lunch boxes include
a spoon and fork in its
own little compartment
Lunch Boxes
Insulated & Foldable
Retro Spot   £ 3.80 SOLD OUT.
Suki Dolls  £ 3.80 SOLD OUT
Cars  £ 3.80 SOLD OUT.
Lunch Boxes with Cutlery
Dinosaur Box  £ 5.85
Strawberry Box  £ 5.85
Heart Measuring Spoons
 Small Measuring £ 2.50
Large Measuring  £ 3.65
Express your love for cooking with
these wonderful heart measuring
spoons.  So Cute!!
Cake cases
Woodland Mushrooms
£ 1.50 per pack.
Hearts, Hearts & More Hearts....
Hearts, Hearts & More Hearts....
Metal Heart Card/Photo Holder £ 8.50
Zinc Heart Lattice Tea Light £ 2.50
Zinc Heart Tea Light Hanging £ 2.00
Heart Slate £ 6.50
Just love these beautiful gifts for
yourself or your friends.
Just couldn't resist these.