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Cherry On The Cake
Excitedly Introduces
"Market Day"
~ With A Difference ~
"To capture that impulsive moment and to meet those, I need spoiling days"
I am so excited with the growth of Cherry On The Cake and always thinking of new ideas to grow my business while keeping to the High Expectations that we are committed to and you are used to.
I have been asked to do Market stalls, asked about opening my own shop, invited to have stalls at many events all of which are wonderful, and some of which i do regularly (apart from my own shop ~ as yet) 
But having a regular market stall wouldn't suit my business with me already providing cupcakes/cakes for Weddings, Birthday's & Businesses, a Market Stall would take me away from my kitchen.  
 But I do love the idea that my customers can buy from me On Impulse or as A Treat or that I can become a Favourite stall/Bakery to visit. 
So the idea has been playing over in my mind.
Recently hearing "Mary Queen of Shops" Mary Portas talking about having a Market Day,
Getting back the old market stalls etc...
An affordable way for businesses to develop etc...... 
This just kept my idea being played over and toyed with. "How can I make this work?"
As I  run my business around the school runs.....and it would not be so easy to do that with a market stall
....(well at the moment)
The concern again about being away from the kitchen and business was still playing on my mind....
Then this week when walking past a market stall in the wind and rain.
 It really clarified that my idea was the best way forward and NOT standing out in the rain
with my beautiful handmade cupcakes fighting the wind and rain to hold up the marquee......
After doing some research into how people Buy their Treats / Cupcakes / Cakes etc....
   and hearing comments like.........
I'm a bit of an impulse buyer, not very good at planning ahead!
If i'm passing somewhere and see them i'll buy them.
Cup cakes are a special treat- each bite to be enjoyed, so I would prefer them on a bone china tea plate,
with Earl Grey tea, in a quaint little cafe!
I'd buy from a cake shop (I have a favourite one) or order them for a special occasion
On Impulse !
We like to order from you for treats in the office, and for birthday's too !!
I order from you for special Occasions and if I see you at an event otherwise on Impulse.
I'd buy on impulse but if I wanted really yummy ones I'd order from a very good neighbour
I know that's makes the best ones  (I like this comment as I am the neighbour!!)
( obviously from the greatest cupcake maker in the world!!!!!)   
 (I love this comment too)
Impulse if they look good. Ordering Yours if planning an event x
I order from You for special occasions and for treats !! 
The family love treat days!!
I order from you for my Birthday treats to take into work.
On Impulse  !!   This was repeated alot!! 
............ Just confirmed pretty much what I thought really, Impulse buying was popular,
Bakeries and Supermarkets too
So I really wanted to have a way for you to indulge your impulse buying from Cherry On The Cake too.
To see Cherry On The Cake as somewhere you can also order those special treats for yourself from and not just your friends and family.
Treats you can pick up after your supermarket visit
See them advertised and shout "I want that one" and pick it up on your way home
While still seeing Cherry On The Cake as the place to order your
Special Event Cupcakes and Cakes from for
Birthday's, weddings and all other events.
Photos From The First Market Day January 2012
So I would Like to Excitedly Introduce you to
"Market Day"
~ With A Difference ~
"To capture that impulsive moment and to meet those, I need spoiling days"
A Virtual Market Stall - Without the Wind and the Rain
So How will it work I hear you ask?
How will I indulge my cupcake impulses ?
In addition to my orders/bookings from you
I will select a day approximately Once a week which I will call my "Market Day"
when I will be cooking a range of cupcakes (and other treats)
It will be a virtual Market Day as I won't have a stall (nor will I have the weather that goes with it)
This will be a perfect way for you to buy "On Impulse,  As a Treat or A last minute Gift"
You will see them advertised via :
My Facebook page ~ Heidi Bristow and Cherry on The Cake pages.
 Twitter ~ Cherry0nthecake
 My Newsletter  (You can sign up to this via the Link below or email me.)
and on my New Facebook page "Market Day with Cherry On The Cake & Friends."
You can then reply to my "Market Day" adverts (with photos)
Saying "Yes Please!!" and telling me how many...
I will then Box them for you and have them ready for you to collect from my address in Eastleigh.
"Vuala Your Impulse is Indulged!!"
On this New Facebook page I will also introduce you to some very talented local people who
also have their own wonderful businesses using their talents to make some wonderful things.
So please do pop by and say hello.
This will also lead to me hosting some Events with those Businesses  throughout the year.
So do watch this space for dates and venues.
I look forward to Indulging those Impulses.
Sign up to Receive my Newsletter here.
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