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Christmas Newsletter 2012
My First Virtual Market Day.....
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Newsletter November 2011
300 Flowers...... Wedding


300 flowers....
Anniversary / Wedding Cupcakes
Cherry On The Cake - First Blog
Cupcake Tower - 21st
Edible Glitter
Newsletter march 2011.
Virtual Market Stall...


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Christmas Newsletter 2012

To Read Our Newsletter from Christmas week December 2012

My First Virtual Market Day.....

NEWS For January...
My First Virtual Market Day.....
(Details on my webiste under "Market Day")
"Good Morning All !!" ~~~~  My First VIRTUAL MARKET DAY ~~~~  will be Tomorrow.  "YEAH!!!! I hear you cry!!"  The nice thing is I can give you a sneeky idea of what I will be selling and because its virtual you can reserve them to pick up.  Tomorrow's Cupcakes will be "Lemon with Edible handmade Daisy Toppers"   and or "Chocolate lush with a choice of handmade pretty flowers or chocolate buttons.

Newsletters to date 2010/2011

Below you will find all the Newsletters I have done since Christmas 2010
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To Read Our Newsletter from Christmas week December 2011
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To Read Our Newsletter from December 1st 2011
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Newsletter November 2011

Read My Latest Newsletter and special offer here.
Many Thanks

300 Flowers...... Wedding

Ever wondered what 300 handmade flowers look like?
These were made for the wedding of Yvonne & Bob,
I would like to wish the newly weds
Lots of Love and Happiness together.
Thank You for Choosing Cherry On The Cake,
Best Wishes
Bob & Yvonne choose a mixture of Vanilla & Chocolate cupcakes,
decorated with handmade mixed colour flowers all in purple cases, 
I'm sure you will agree they make a stunning display. 
Cupcakes for the wedding of
Cupcakes for the wedding of
Yvonne & Bob

Snow Storm In The Kitchen

Hi All,
What a lovely week of cooking I was thinking last night while using my "Smoothers"  to smooth the icing on a cake for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Thinking to myself - "I do Love doing this"  smoothing away!!  Nobody to share it with as everybody was asleep.  Then I remembered my blog and that I hadn't updated in ages!!! OPHS!!
I did actually log on to blog away at some crazy hour last night but then thought better of it and got some sleep to be up early to cook this morning.

Johnny !!

 I have just read fantastic email send to me via Simple Truths, its a wonderful email with a wonderful message. I pride myself with my customer service and meeting the needs of my customers.  So when i read this i just loved it.
 Its from a lady called Barbara Glanz is a speaker and author.

Afew years ago, Barbara was speaking to 3,000 employees of a large grocery chain. Her speech was on customer service and how to create memories to make the customers want to come back.


Well i must say I'm not so good at keeping on top of my blog.  Sorry!!
It has been such a wonderful few weeks - so busy with cupcakes for Weddings, Royal Weddings, Birthdays, Business launches, Hen Nights and my Giant Cupcakes have gone crazy!!
I will post about all the exciting things that have been happening - Just maybe not in order.  But they have all been equally as exciting and fun to make.

Edible Glitter

Edible Glitter, is something most cupcake and cake makers can't get enough of.  I have been using it for a couple of years now and tried a few different suppliers.  Recently i came across a new range of Glitters and just LOVE the colours they do and how easy it is to use.  I loved itSo much so that i decided to not only use them but sell them myself too. I only ever sell  and recommend products that i use myself, as some of you might know i am abit of a perfectionist when it comes to anything to do with Cherry On The Cake.

Newsletter - 27th March 2011

"Morning!" from Cherry On The Cake
I have just sent out my latest newsletter beginning.......

Good Morning, A quick Newsletter this week. With a few quick mentions,
  • Don't forget today the clocks went forward one hour. (Hense the quick newsletter)
  • Mother's Day is 3rd April, not too late to order if you haven't already done so.
  • Competition Update
  • What did I do this week.
 To read more  go to ......
Will be back to blog more later....with lots of news from this week.