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Girlie Giant Cupcakes

original (68).jpg
original (69).jpg
original (70).jpg

Giant cupcake for a 21st Celebration.

Giant Cupcake decorated with purple delicate flowers.

Giant cupcake  with a gardening theme

Giant cupcake with a bag and shoe theme.

original (71).jpg

Little delicate flower and lilies for this Giant Cupcake celebrating 60 years.

A back to school themed Giant cupcake for that special teacher.

Minnie Mouse themed Giant cupcake

Rocky Roads Giant cupcakes

Daisy themed Giant cupcake

Girlie Giant cupcake

Hairdressing Giant Cupcake

original (72).jpg

A Gardening themed Giant cupcake

Minnie Mouse Themed Giant cupcake

Butterfly themed giant cupcake

Flower themed giant cupcake

Giant Cupcake for a book lover

Harry Potter themed Giant Cupcake

Handbag and shoe theme giant cupcake

Matching giant cupcake and cupcakes

Golf themed Giant cupcake

original (73).jpg

Celebrating 18 years with this Harry Potter Giant Cupcake

Heart themed giant cupcake

Big Flower themed giant cupcake

Books and cupcakes Giant cupcake

Flower themed Giant Cupcake

Nurse themed Giant Cupcake

Handbag and shoe Giant cupcake

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