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Male Themed Birthday Cakes

original (16).jpg

Gone Fishing

Giant cupcake Fishing theme

Gardening cake with shed and chair from Cherry on the cake.
original (24).jpg

Dan with love

Rugby themed cake

My Dads Birthday cake, full of family jokes, happy memories and little special touches.

The top tier is made of a dummy cake so it can be kept.  I knew my Dad wouldn't want to cut it. :)

Caravan and B-B-Q themed cake for Keith

Ski 18th Birthday cake for Kyle

Deans 30th Birthday cake with all his favourite things

Gaming, dog, laptop, pasta from his favourite restaurant.

Police themed cake

Happy 18th Steven

Golf themed cake and cat to celebrate this 18th

Cowboy cake and Jeans themed cake for Georges 80th Birthday

Fireman John celebrating 60 years

Dinosaur cake 

for 9 year old Joel.

Car and Gardening themed cake for Tim's 70th

Golf themed Birthday cake with a few other favourite things.

Aeroplane themed cake

Spider and snake cake.

Gaming themed cake

Celebrating Keith's 70th Birthday with a gardening theme cake.

James celebrating 40 years with all his favourite things

18th Champagne popping cake

original (17).jpg

Fish themed cake.

original (20).jpg
original (23).jpg


Golf themed cake.

Pop's Shed

Gardening and Shed themed cake to celebrate 70 years.

Ski Birthday cake complete with Kyle in his Moncler hat, mobile phone and bubbly ready to celebrate.

Lots of fun for Deans cake

Police themed cake with Helmet

Snooker themed cake and favourite foods

Water boarding with the seals cake.

Georges back pockets of his Jeans Cake celebrating 80 years

Army Boots themed cake

Fire Engine cake

Car, golf and film clip themed cake Celebrating Stew's 40th

Vintage car and gardening theme for John.

Jeffersons Bike theme Birthday cake

Having a whale of a time cake.  Lots of little details in the boat for Sam's Birthday

Spitfire themed cake

Travelling themed suitcase Birthday cake, with added favourite things.

Sporting themed cake

original (25).jpg
original (18).jpg
original (21).jpg

2 tier "Gone fishing" cake.

original (19).jpg

A 50th Birthday celebrating 

"All Fa​vourite things"

original (22).jpg

Mountain biking cake.

Everything handmade in the Cherry on the cake kitchen, included the bike.


Snow themed mountain biking

Tony's 70th Birthday, all the special memories from over the years on his cake.  Making a real centre piece for his Birthday and a fantastic 


Superhero cake for Conor

Birthday cake for this Pilot

Ski cake for  Kyle's 18th

Police themed cake with robber and handcuffs

Handyman cake

Water boarding cake

Elvis cake to celebrate Syd's 70th Birthday

Football and Peppa Pig Cake

Fire Engine and Fireman cake

Favourite Things of the past 90 years for this Birthday Celebration, lots of little details.

Celebrating a 30th Birthday with Gardening, shed and 

re-enactment cake

Fun making this edible whale and lots of little fun details for Sam.  A fantastic reaction was had. 

Travelling themed suitcase Birthday cake, with added favourite things.

Travelling themed suitcase Birthday cake, with added favourite things.

Gardening theme cake.

A little mention to James love of cream eggs 

Irish hat Birthday cake for Kester

18th Birthday cake for Matt, with is bike.

Ski cake edged in mountains and trees.

Tiered police cake with top tier Helmet.

Hammer tools cake

Tools cake

Celebrating 60 years with gardening and filming

Edwards 40th Birthday with car and gardening themed cake

Gone Fishing cake

Gardening theme for this 70th Celebration.

Travelling themed suitcase Birthday cake, with added favourite things.

Lizard and Cactus themed cake celebrating Tristan's 18th Birthday.

Bike Chain cake

Army themed cake

Celebrating Ben's 18th

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