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Wedding Cakes from Cherry On The Cake

Our cakes are made bespoke for you,  and all made in our Cherry on the Cake Kitchen.

We are committed to meeting your and our expectations  with both the taste and presentation..

We offer a consultation service both on email, so you have a record of everything discussed 

including photos and then meet for a consultation in person so you can see and taste some samples. 

 Ensuring that everything is perfect for your special day.

Please Note: All consultations are by appointment only.

Roses and Cricket wedding cake.jpg
couple back of roses and cricket wedding cake.jpg
back of roses and cricket wedding cake.jpg
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original (9).jfif
original (6).jfif
original (4).jfif


4 Tier white Ruffle and Rose wedding cake.


4 Tier wedding cake, decorated with ruffles, quilting, decorative moulds and silver shimmer, with a handmade sugarpaste rose and finished with a diamante brooch

Touch of Lavender

3 Tier wedding cake covered in open flower lace effect, edged with pearls and with little sugar paste lavender stems

Sunflower Sarah

4 tier square wedding cake,  with sunny sunflowers.

original (11).jfif
original (8).jfif
original (5).jfif
original (3).jfif

Ann- Marie

3 Tier wedding cake with

cascading red roses edged with embossing and piped pearls.


3 tier wedding cake with handmade wired flowers

Purple Pom Pom

3 tier wedding cake iced with vintage ivory icing and decorated with purple pompom ruffles and edged in ribbons and embossed with hearts.

Abbie PomPom

3 tier wedding cake with coral ruffle pompoms edged in diamante and ribbon

original (10).jfif

TT Races -  A giant cupcake and cupcakes for a wedding with a TT Races theme. 

Cupcakes with motorbikes and hearts on them with the Giant cupcake inspired by the 

 TT races design.

original (7).jfif

Butterfly themed wedding cupcake display.

original (13).jfif

Christmas Wedding 

with Christmas Rose and Holly cupcakes

original (14).jfif

Mini Roses

This cake and cupcakes with Mini roses and leaves, Making for a very pretty display.

Many more cupcakes designs on my cupcake pages, feel free to ask about a theme and we can come up with some ideas for you.

roses tiered cake with cricket twist.jpg
sugarpaste roses naked cake..jpg
original (15).jfif

Naked Wedding Cake

Three tier Naked Cake with Fresh Fruits around

original (16).jfif
original (17).jfif

Martin & Maria

3 Tier wedding cake with 3 layers per tier, iced in buttercream.

Please be aware when choosing your cake, buttercream can melt during long hot summers :)

Winter theme ski cake.jpg

Beach themed wedding cake.

3 tier beach themed wedding cake.

single tier roses cake.jpg
original (34).jfif
original (33).jfif
original (32).jfif

Jenny & Mike's

Anniversary cake would also work lovely as a Wedding cake too.

All handmade roses

Finishing touches at the back.

original (31).jfif
original (28).jfif
original (30).jfif

Sarah & Dan

This array of coloured handmade roses made for a lovely focus point along with their figures and matching heart confetti

original (29).jfif
original (27).jfif
original (26).jfif
original (25).jfif
original (26).jfif

Catherine & Kevin's

Unicorn themed cake and cupcakes

original (23).jfif

Becky & Steve's

Buttercream wedding cake.

original (35).jfif

Shelly & Andy

Ruffle base and ruffle roses

Wedding cake 

Cat & Stuart's

Tale as Old as time

Beauty and the Beast themed wedding cake.

original (1).jfif
original (2).jfif
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